Monday, 2 September 2013

All About ID Card Making Profession

Id Card Making

Now a days id card making business is growing very fast. Schools, Colleges, Institutes, Offices everywhere id cards are used and these days plastic id card are used very much. This is why a new business has started where these institutions give a contract to id card professionals to make the id cards for them; this include student id cards in large. This article will provide information for anyone who is planning to create an id card making business. This will provide information about the process, technology and market of source materials for making id cards at large scale.

Process of Making Id Cards

The process of making Id cards are basically of three types based on the type of id cards.

  •        Laminated Id cards
  •        Fusing Id Cards
  •        Plastic or Smart Id Cards.

Laminated Id Cards

In Laminated Id Cards a special plastic sheet is used to print the id cards from a normal color ink jet printer; then it is laminated with lamination machine and then cut in each id card pieces. This is easiest and cheapest method to make id cards. Its drawback is that id cards made with this method is of small life i.e. color fades as the time passes and laminated layer disbands. There are many types of sheets available in market  for making quality id cards with this process. One among them is known as Dragon Sheets, it consists of two printable films and core sheet; others are synthetic sheets, Teslin laser sheets, sticky sheets etc.

Fusing ID Cards

In this method also ink jet printers are largely used only difference is that it is not laminated with a lamination machine rather it is sheet are fused by a fusing machine. The cards made with this process have more life and it does not fade with time, but is costs more than the laminated cards.
Fusing machines that comes in the market fuses 20 or 100 sheets at a time, but it takes more than 30 min. to fuse the sheets.

Thermal Printing Process

This is the easiest and costliest method of id card making. In this method printers used for printing the id cards are specially made for this and are called id card printers. Generally these printers used dye sublimation technique to print the id cards. Individual id card are printed and for this plastic id card are available in the market. Id Card Printer be used to print on smart cards, RFID cards, magnetic cards etc. there are different kinds of printer in the market that print single sided id card, double sided id cards. Only disadvantage of this process is the cost of the id card printer and the cost of the id card prepared with this.


Making an id card design on computer is very tedious work and if one is designing id cards for an institution which have large quantity of id cards to be made for example a school with a large number of students takes a large time in designing the id cards in image editing or graphical software. An Id card software is used for this so to save the time of designing the id cards on computer. 

Id card software uses a data source commonly ms excel (or any other database like MS Access, Sql Server etc) to get the data to be printed on the id cards. The user only designs one card or chooses a template from pre designed card templates and arranges the data items( fields) in the id card software and the software generates ready to print images based on user’s choice of paper, orientation, resolution  etc.. Now the user only has to print the card images and take next step on process of making id cards. Thousands of id cards can be made in a few minutes using an id card software whereas with image editing or graphical software it takes many days. There are Many softwares present in the market with different additional facilities and prices.

Benefits of using an id card software

a)      Simple To Use:- any body can easily use this software to create id cards
b)      Saves a lot time
c)       Saves Money :- id card software generally are not expensive things but it saves much more money than you invest in it by saving your time and escaping you from complexity of an image editing or graphical softwares.
d)      Easy To Make double sided id cards.
e)      Easy to make barcode based id cards.

Citron's ID Card Generator

Citron's ID Card Generator is an id card software which provides besides of above given benefits some additional facilities which the id card professionals find very use full. The software is very affordable and well suited for Indian users. For more information about the software one can visit its site

In the next post we will give more info about ID Card Materials, Printers, Cutters and other related machines.